McGillivray Construction

General Contractor – Ventura County – 805-648-1517


Sq Ft: 23,000
Time Frame to complete: 10 months
Developer: Community Memorial Health Systems
Contact: CEO Gary Wilde
Contact McGillivray Construction: 805-648-1517

Project Brief
Community Memorial Hospital of Ventura CA had the goal of building a full-service, state of the art cancer center for the community. Services include radiation therapy, chemotherapy, imaging, family counseling, and patient services. The building’s modern architecture served as the cornerstone for the future expansion of the Community Memorial Hospital in Ventura CA.

Elements specific to the project

  • Dealt successfully with unique construction challenges.
  • Our foundation design implemented a method called Deep Soil Mixing, a ground improvement technique that was used to support the heavy concrete radiation vaults. Additionally we were required to decouple one side of the building from the other. This allowed for settlement differential.
  • During construction of the building shell we successfully added and integrated the design and construction of 3 major tenant spaces without extending the contract completion date.
  • Successfully helped the owner to keep the cost changes of the project to a minimum and well below industry standards.
  • Project received several awards for construction and architecture.

Project Images


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